The poems are about more than just romance,
as the book and hearts might indicate.

Traveling across the USA from Virginia to California in a brand new 1965 Oldsmobile.

May not be an Oldsmobile, but it’s
white like our friend’s.

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Our friend and guide, driving his new car, had traveled this way previously. He wanted to show us all the sights of importance to him. He did a terrific job. The sites we visited, each almost more grand than the Grand Canyon.

No, nothing’s as or more grand than The Grand Canyon!

Riding in the backseat of that gorgeous automobile, I began to think and dream. This led to writing down my thoughts in poetry. The following poems describe some of the sights and feelings as I reflected on what I saw.

We drove north from Virginia to the turnpikes of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Then, we headed south so we’d cross the Plains at night on Route 10. The heat of the plains being more bearable after the sun goes down.

That trip exceeded all expectations.



Later additions added from time to time, depending primarily on my mood or circumstances in life.

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Any poetry I’ve written since the ones in my early twenties have been mostly because, of, or through some emotional experience; love, loss, beauty, scenery, and others. I won’t and can’t apologize for feelings. We all have them. Some of us express them through anger, raised voices, bullying, hitting someone or something, tears, withdrawal, nail biting, cutting, etc.

It seems there are as many ways to express emotions as there are people. Maybe not quite as many, and they can be generalized or grouped into a few categories. But we all have emotions, and we all express them.

Here are mine. Some’ll have brief explanations. Some won’t.


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Li-Li-Ipo |Not Coo

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By J. Gail Norris

In Memory of:

Our Captivating, Compliant, Cuddly, Cute Cat;
Departed This Life for a Better One in Heaven.

May 3, 2012 7:30 PM MST

22410 N. 59th Lane
Glendale, Arizona 85310-4265

Coo loved people,

Especially when lying comfy on a lap.

Romping on the floor,

Holding a toy in front paws and teeth,

He kicked wildly with back paws.

Then, seemingly exhausted,

Fell sleep on his bed.

Shoes, always good to nibble or nap.

“You have a shoe fetish,”

I said often to him!

I love Coo still, always, forever

He will never be past tense for me…

Coo, my lap-cat,

In my recliner while watching a movie,

Or riding on my wheel chair lap…

We always enjoyed each other’s company

Any available lap
Commanded Coo’s attention.

Make a lap and Coo is there!

He craved petting,

Ran from the vacuum cleaner,

Gobbled his morning Fancy Feast treat!

Napped anywhere, often…

I adored his sweet, velvety fur

Under my gentle loving fingers

Good night, my darling sweet Coo!

See you in Heaven!