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Education and Healthcare.

But first, my name explanation…

Judi with an I,

Not Judy with a Y.

That’s the way my mother spelled it.

I changed it ’cause my given first name Judith, which I love,

When shortened becomes Judi with an I on the end,

Not a Y.

Mom adored Judy Garland, the beautiful and talented 1940’s singer/actress.

That was why she named me Judy.

So Judy I stayed.

Till I became Judi.

Then I married to a man whose last name began with hard G sound.

I saw a gorgeous airline attendant whom they called ‘Gail.’

“Gail’s my middle name, think I’ll start using it,” I thought. Not that I’ll EVER look like her, gorgeous creature as she is.”

I like alliterations. Gail G______ had a nice ring to it.

Another metamorphosis came about when my sweet North Carolinian friend called me Judigail.

Now there’s an original winner!

Judigail’s Blog!