Here I Am,

Your Friendly Ghostwriter!

Do you have a story to tell? Having difficulty writing it by yourself?

I’ll write your story for you. I learned how to write about ghostwriting from the best ghostwriter, Claudia Suzanne. She wrote the first book on ghostwriting.

My writing includes; telling stories, editing, poetry, research papers in college, graduate school, and beyond got me started. Along the way long and short poems and they’re on my website. Stories for Children, another favorite writing genre, they’re on the website,too. Collecting all that information and writing an author website really got me writing.

Everyone Has a Story, What’s Yours?

This Is Harry’s Story.
Do You Have One Too?

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Now I’m into writing a whole new thing. It’s someone else’s story. My name won’t ever be mentioned. My lips are sealed. I can never tell anyone who wrote that book.

But, I can and will write my own book. In fact, five chapters of it are already on my computer right now.

So, why don’t I finish it? Good question. Perhaps that’ll happen first.