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My Favorite Dentist

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Riverview Smiles Dentistry

“Dentist of the Decade”

Dr. Tristan Hensley, DMD

Riverview Smiles Dentistry and Dr. Hensley create lovely smiles, like these terrific teeth toys. They’re pleased. They just had their teeth cleaned at Riverview Smiles Dentistry.

Dr. Tristan Hensley gives a whole new meaning to what previously some folks thought as the “awful part of a dental appointment. He states,

The best parts of dentistry are the transformations.

First Transformation: Seeing a smile that shows confidence and health.

Second Transformation: Watching a patient change from hating the dental office to looking forward to their appointments.

Those moments make this career so rewarding.”

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Trustan Hensley, DMD

Riverview’s good fortune happened when Dr. Hensley decided to build his dental practice in the Tampa area. A Florida native, he calls Melbourne his hometown. College, Graduate, and Dental School in all happened in Gainesville at University of Florida (UF.) He made the decision early in middle school to become a dentist.

“I needed braces. The process fascinated me. That settled my decision to study dentistry. Another reason dentistry appealed to me came from loving to go to the dentist as a kid. I wanted to recreate that same feeling for others.”

                                    ~ Dr. Hensley

Studying dentistry is a lifelong commitment. Techniques and materials constantly evolve. Dr. Hensley’s love of learning while perfecting his expertise fits perfectly with that goal.

During his college and dental training, Dr. Hensley found time to study for the sometimes overwhelming exams. His good peers helped make easy turning stressful times into fun. Creating short and long term goals helped with motivation. 

When asked to do a task in addition to an already crowded schedule, Dr. Hensley qualified with this statement,

“Let me get through this project or exam before focusing on the next one.”

That statement made top priority throughout his training days.

Riverview Smiles opened in December 2014 with Dr. Hensley as the only dentist and two hygienists. Dr. Feldman joined the practice in October 2017 as a great partner.

“I would not be able to be here without Dr. Feldman,” Dr. Hensley acknowledged.

Since the Riverview Smiles Dentistry opening, the practice expanded as Riverview adds population. Six hygienists now help with patient needs.

“Growing such a thriving practice provides a rewarding experience!” exclaims Dr. Hensley.

Dr. Hensley’s love of travel to explore other cultures and parts of the world highlights most of his travel adventures. His most recent trip took him to China and Japan. Other countries he traveled to include:

  • Ireland.
  • England.
  • Scotland.
  • France.
  • Spain
  • Caribbean Countries
  • Guatemala, South America. This mission trip in Dental School we extracted teeth and did fillings in a pop up dental clinic in the small town of Palin.
  • His next trip is to South Africa.

Dr. Hensley concludes in his own words:

“Without amazing patients and a great team, being a good dentist would be impossible. We strive daily to achieve at the highest level and bring our patients state-of-the-art dental care.”

Author’s Note:

You succeed admirably, Dr. Hensley. Surely other patients feel the same way I do. In the recent past, I received two crowns. There wasn’t any pain associated with the process. Interacting with your assistant, plus watching HGTV while the preparation took place made my entire day.

That’s a win-win-win to me!

Riverview applauds your efforts. What good fortune to find you and Riverview Smiles Dentistry.


Judith Norris




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