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Beauty is Stephen Anderson’s Business!

“I want to make women more gorgeous than they already are,”

declares Stephen D. Anderson, Jr.

And he does.

Find Stephen at:

New Dimensions Hair Studios | South Shore 10639 Big Bend Road, Riverview, Florida 813.741.1177

And he does!

How does it get that way?

Every six weeks he creates with my hair a brand new look.

My amazing husband treats me to a hairstyle makeover by the most talented hairstylist ever.

Stephen Anderson of New Identities Salon is that masterful hairstylist. He uses his magical hands to make my overgrown hair look terrific again.

I admired a woman’s hair at South Bay Church. She clued me in about Stephen.

Cutting my hair is no easy task for this thick, naturally wavy, chemically untreated hair of mine wants to do its own thing.

Stephen skillfully maneuvers it into a style following thenatural wave while doing a fabululousthinning. He knows exactly what this unruly tangle of graying, healthy hair to help me manage it easily till the next cutting six weeks later.

In the late 90’s, Stephen distributed Redken high end hair products to an area of Detroit, Michigan.

“I always was an artist and the two coincided,” Stephen declared.

His decision to become a hair stylist led him to the Redken Hair Academy in Tampa, Florida. After graduating, he found New Identities Hair Studios.

A certified Redken Haircolorist, Stephen considers hair coloring his specialty. Stephen attends courses every three months where he learns new coloring techniques and hairstyles.

We are the grateful recipients of his tremendous hairstyling expertise.

New Identities boasts three locations in the Tampa area. Stephen Anderson is at New Identities South Shore location, 10639 Big Bend Road, Riverview in the Summerfield Shopping Center near Panera Bakery.

 Stephen and his wife share their lives with two canines; Griz, a big crazy husky, and Mabel, half basset/half beagle.

 Do I ever want to change hairstylists?

Why? I found a winner!

Judith Norris

Hi I'm Judith Norris, Freelance Writer
Hairstylist Par Excellance!!!

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