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Woman Developing Her Body by Exercising

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Thinking Differently Makes a Huge Impact on Education
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My Favorite Dentist, Another Part of Health

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Thinking Diferently Is a Huge Part of Education
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Hi I'm Judith Norris, Freelance Writer
Judith Gail Norris, Educator and Health Recipient/Provider

Yes, I may have MS. But it doesn’t have me!

Another part of Health involves my Multiple Sclerosis journey.

Diagnosed at seventeen, two months after high school graduation, by Dr. Thomas Dugan in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MS research says those living in northern states have a greater percentage of being diagnosed with the disease.

After I graduated from college, I moved to Virginia and joined my husband. We met at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, were pinned and he put a ring on my finger. He graduated a year ahead of me.

I accelerated my courses by going to summer school and taking eighteen credit hours every semester. In April, during my student teaching semester, we married. In August, I graduated. Our first apartment was a townhouse in Colonial Heights, Virginia. We moved to Fort Lee after a few months.

The milder Virginia weather seemed to agree with me.

…… .I wish an MS diary had been part of my arsenal. MS was kind to me for a long time. Memory plays tricks on us, but I don’t remember any exacerbations or times of MS symptoms flaring and incapacitating me.

My first teaching assignment took place in Hopewell, Virginia as a sixth grade classroom teacher at Patrick Copeland Elementary School. There weren’t any music positions to be had in the surrounding counties.

The following year, I found a music position in Prince George County as High School Choral Director with two classes; one Mixed Chorus and the second Girl’s Chorus. The remainder of the day, I taught classroom music, grades one through seven at Walton Elementary School.

This position provided more stress than teaching sixth grade. Stress is another part of having MS. Stress came from twice yearly performances and competing with an award-winning band.

After two years and separation from my spouse, I resigned. I no longer wanted to be at the same school as he. That meant “cutting off my nose to spite my face.” The quote means I left a perfectly good music position I’d held for two years because of a man. That was not my finest hour or best move.

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