Children’s Storybook

Children’s Storybook
Children love reading books for high adventure!
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These stories were written as assignments for a course in Children’s Literature from the Institute of Children’s Literature, Redding Ridge, Connecticut.

Each story was critiqued by a published author. I wrote them during my mother’s illness and after her death in the time frame 1981- 1984. Since that time, other stories were written and added to the storybook.

My wish to write stories children enjoy so much, they want to read them to their own children. Stories like VELVETEEN RABBIT, GOODNIGHT MOON, BLACK BEAUTY, PETER RABBIT…the list is endless.

Writing stories for children fulfills the longing in my heart for the children I never had. Teaching provided much interaction with youngsters. However, they left me at the end of each day. The children returned home to their own mothers.

GLITZY’S ADVENTURES, a wild rollicking rabbit, has my attention now. We’ll learn more of her excitingly daring life in future episodes.

She could be reading and coloring.
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