These stories were written as assignments for a correspondence course from The Children’s Institute of Writing in Redding Ridge, Connecticut. Each story stands alone as a Children’s Book designed for 8-10-year-old readers. This website has ther initial publication.


A Bird’s Eye View

Mama Rabbits blueberry pie cooling on her window sill was too much for Rab. He had to have it NOW!

A Fascinating Duck

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What could be fascinating about a duck? This one amazed me with almost-human-like antics.

Closet Explosion

Mother’s love for her only child leads to the daughter having too many clothes for a closet which might explode!

God in the Trees

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Jealousy erupts as one girl experiences God’s forgiveness, accepting Him as Savior. Her friend doesn’t understand. What happens to their friendship?

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Gonzo, Mysterious Disappearting Cat

A couple worries about their missing cat. They can’t find him anywhere . It’s supper time, so he must be hungry.

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Growing Pains

A six-year-old girl speaks in first person about her life, a friend, her mother, and sister.

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Hopper-grass in a Jar

A grasshopper caught and placed in a jar for observation interests no one but me.

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Overactive Imagination

Who is that mysterious man and why is he here? The movie star will give her speach to the assembled crowd in spite of him being there.