with me writing
your company’s message!”



Read the copy on judithnorris.com. Expect the best writing you can purchase.

Make a confident decision to Hire Me for your project. Your products have optimum opportunity for purchase over all others.


Your Powerful Message,

Enhanced by My Writing Skills,

CONVINCES Clients to Purchase YOUR Products NOW!”


I, Judith Norris, write persuasive content to entice Education or Healthcare clients to hire me for any writing they need; job descriptions, mission statements, training, blog posts are examples. You decide what. I’ll write it for you.  

Tampa Freelance Writer

Fees Posted/Timeline Negotiated

Contract Always Necessary

When You Hire Me,

Expect the Following:

Client/Writer Working Together

Dreams become more than a wish your heart makes with I write for you. Your ultimate truth, that’s exacty what you dream.

Friendly relationships are essential for a fully functioning client/writer association.

Amiable affiliations achieve excellent rapport with a sincere brand of trust, willingness to share, and transparency.

Sharing ideas, desires, and thoughts creates maximum reality for each client.

Team; each one learns from the other.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

Collaborative Learning

Projects gain from each participant on the team. Create a matchless world working together. Bring a wealth of knowledge to any endeavor by pooling ideas.

Client/writer team’s similar. Client’s knowledge and information teamed with writer’s intellect and masterful writing skills enable great returns.

Have a Writing Problem?

Please, tell me about it.

Need help composing your narrative?

Do you want to write your own copy? My writing skills guide you all the way through.

Need writing repaired?

I’ll teach you and your writing team how to write better. Many people find or have found solutions with my writing training.

Writing Problem Examples Could Include:

  • Writing English Language.
  • Grammar.
  • Spelling.
  • Putting Your Thoughts Into Words.
  • Syntax.
  • Sentence Structure.
  • Other
Using several modalities; writing, speech, and visual.

Photo by Canva Studio on Pexels.com

Is English Another Language For You?

English, that’s my first language.

Pennsylvania provided my wonderful education. Top high school grades and college minor testify to my excellent use of English.

Editors catch an occasional error.

Teaching Junior College English reminded me that grammar, punctuation, and spelling need fixing at all life stages.

Cambodian Hmong refugees to whom I taught Reading Vocabulary Development gave me experience with teaching English as a Second Language.

Native speakers of any language quickly speak their own tongue. It’s natural if we want to sound like one born to that country.

1. Pronounce each word beginning and ending clearly.

2. Distinct speaking in a new language is best for speakers and listeners.

Listeners then hear differences in words with similar sounds and meanings. Slurring and fast speaking causes misunderstanding.

Think you know the new language? Now there’s NO need to speak clearly?


Slower speaking creates better understanding for speaker and listener.

SLOW DOWN. That’s your answer.

Thank you for contacting me via this form. Forms are directed to my email. Those forms receive a response as soon as possible. Email monitored each morning.


Best Regards,

Judith Norris
Tampa Freelance Writer
(623) 217-3773


Beautiful Tampa Bay!

Photo by Julia Kuzenkov on Pexels.com


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