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Hi Potential Clients,

Looking for a really good experienced Freelance Writer? Terrific for you to check out my friend here at judithnorris.com. I call her Gail, her middle name. That’s how we know her. She used Judigail on her Blog. That’s clever. And cute, too.

She’s a talented writer, musician, and all-around good friend. We like to ‘do lunch,’ get pedicures, and just chat. We discovered each other at South Bay Church in Riverview, Florida. Through our conversations, we found there’s a lot we have in common.

Pennslvania, the keystone state we both claim as home. However, she’s from the western end, near Pittsburgh. While I’m from Philly, Philadelphia, you know. We both love animals, although she’s a cat person, while dogs favor my fancy. As a Pet Sitter, I thnk all animals are AOK.

Are you looking for a freelance writer, an expert at writing about Healthcare, Education, or Ghost Writing. If you are, then you’ve found your writer. Yeah, I already said that. But man, she can write up a storm.

I’ll let her take it from here.


Kathy Osik

As Ed McMahan, Johnny Carson’s sidekick, with a lilt in his voice would say,

“He-re’s Judigail…”

“A stranger is a friend you haven’t met, yet.”

Thanks Kathy,

Your kind words are very much appreciated.

Hi Friends,

Need a freelance writer?

Thank you for considering me to write with expert style your company’s information, newsletter, blog, whatever writing you need.

Want to see my writing samples?

Portfolios One, Two, Three, and Four have what you’ll want to see.


Contact me. We’ll chat about it.





Happy to answer all questions to your satisfaction.

Tampa Bay Freelance Writer

Healthcare | Education | Ghost Writing

This About Me Page tells a bunch of information; places I’ve lived, worked, and traveled to. I realized you need to read and see me, instead of a list or several. So, I’ll turn these lists into a narrative.

Diverse Writing Genres Lifetime:

These varied writing types plus vast travel, education, and life experiences prepared me for ‘such a time as this.'”

Judith Norris



Three years fulltime instead of four years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania I managed to receive a B. S. (Bachelor of Science) degree in Music Education. Excuse me if I say that there’s no reason to call the degree Bachelor of Science.. I didn’t take any science courses. A good thing too. Music suits me a whole lot better than either Math or Science.

Now I understand music is mathematical. But somehow, if a pretty singable melody with a swingin’ jazzy rhythm is involved, then people aren’t thinking mathmatics, that’s for sure. No dry boring numbers to fog their brains. Just lovely hummable tunes to keep toes tappin’.

More Academic writing happened while taking courses for a Master of Education degree. The thesis challenged every writing thought I ever had. Researching interested me. But then making it interesting fto others rustrated the everlasting dickens out of me. I made it through the rain though. The degree is mine and worth every effort.


All people listed below needed evaluating in some manner. These measuements always required precision. But also, they also required some form of analysis and personal judgment. That’s completely an individual assessment. It’s sometimes arbitrary, subjective, and sometimes personality conflicts come into play.

  • Students
  • Parent Groups
  • Training Programs
  • Administration
  • Courses

Poetry | Countless?

Poetry writing took center stage while riding in a new Oldsmobile while crossing the USA from Petersburg, Virginia to San Fransisco, California. Some of the sights impressed me. The only way to express the emotions I felt when experiencing places like the magnificent Grand Canyon was through poetry. Some examples:


Good golly, what a gully!

Humor to express how I felt when I saw you for the first time.


Children’s Literature | Ten Unpublished Stories

The Institute of Children’s Literature in Redding Ridge, Connecticutt teachers assigned the stories. After they were assessed teachers encouraged me to send them to be published. But I never did.

Portfolio Five has a few selected stories.


Minneapolis, Minnesota, the most culturally enriched place we’ve ever lived, challenged my creative juices. My literary interests expanded with interviewing, writing, and co-editing our high-rise condominium monthly newsletter.

LaRive Condominium boasted being on the Mississippi River, having thirty stories, and co-located with a Riverplace Shopping Complex. Meet Your Neighbor Column of Riverplace Navigator newsletter published until we left Minneapolis for Arizona.



Guest Blogging Course by Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger. My Hero, built a million dollar empire. He accomplished this from a wheelchair. He is unable to move anything but his face. That is awesome. I’m deeply appreciative.

I knew the possibity existed to learn much from his brilliant course. My mind boggles at the enormity of his intellect, capacity to function, and dream the building of Smart Blogger. His courses prepare people for blogging’s challenges.

In the first module, we learned different blogs and types of writing. Freelance Writing’s turn came up, It called my name. My previous diverse writing rolled up into one Freelance Writing Package.

What a thrill!

Freelance Writing

Discovering Freelance Writing’s enormous scope leaves me daunted. I need to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. That ancient adage reminds me that everything needs time to learn and build upon.Three years time usually establishes a new identity or business.

Choosing three niches or subject specialties to write about caused some introspection. After an extensive review of my background, things I’ve done, experiences and feelings, and more. I finally decided on Healthcare | Education | Ghost Writing. More reading about why and how I chose those three niches in Judigail’s BlogPosts Page Featured Post. Here’s the Link. https://judithnorris.com/judigails-blogposts-page/

I’m hardly a novice to writing. However, only six months ago freelance writing. I’ve written articles, blog posts, stories, nine bool chapters, read a bunch, taken a course from Carol Tice on Getting More Freelance Writing Jobs. I do much writing. Getting there is 1/3 of the journey.

A Journey has three parts:

  1. Planning/Preparing For the Journey
  2. Being On the Journey
  3. Remembering the Journey

I think right at number two is where I am today.

Clients! They’ll help me continue on this Freelance Journey.

Mentors and Instructors

Jon Morrow, Smart Blogger Graduate, Guest Blogging

Carol Tice, Make A Living Writing Blog

Get More Freelance Writing Jobs Course

Freelance Writers Den

Teaching/Education Experiences

Teaching/Education Experience


Junior College English

Grammar, Writing

Students in my Junior College English classes wrote many assignments. They supposedly knew English grammar. Their writing showed they needed much review. We reviewed. Another writing assignment. Some learned and proved by their writing skills they did. Others, not so much. For those needing review, assigned exercises helped. Another writing prompt so they could have more writing practice.


Remedial (Writing Aids Reading)

Vocabulary Development

Writing played an integral part in helping these Reading K-4 students. In conversation, they’d tell me a story or a sentence. “Write on paper what you just said,” I’d request. After they wrote the word, sentence, or paragraph I’d help them using rhyming words, sound/letter transfer. I’d use whatever method needed to make it correct.

Then, the student would be asked to ‘read’ what he/she had written. This writing/reading method proved very successful in teaching reluctant remedial readers to R – E – A – D!

Music :

Advanced Music Theory, Choir Director, General Music K-7

Writing played a minor role in teaching Advanced Music Theory, directing a high school chorus, or general music to Kindergarten through seventh grade. Lesson plans, occasional note to a parent, or a review.

ESL: (English as a Second Language)

Hmong Immigrant Adults

They wanted United States citizenship. The necessary component to obtain this prize necessitated reading and understandong fluent English.

Sixth Grade Classroom:

My first year of fulltime teaching, I taught a class of twenty-five sixth grade students. This experience took much preparation for me. My music specialty differed from a clasroom teacher.

Third Grade:


1968-69 Sussex County, Virginia Desegregation

Teaching Rewards:

“Rewards came from teaching reading through writing. Witnessing the light in a student’s eyes when he/she finally ‘gets it,’ understanding that the words on paper are what they said or thought. Now they can read those words. That ‘unlocks’ reading for many.

Judith Norris


Sydney, Australia

Advanced Music Theory taught to Third and Fourth Formers (US Grades 9 & 10.) Students highly motivated to learn for New South Wales yearly examination.

Writing and music play off of each other in beautiful ways. Both are creative expressions linking to and from the heart. Music styles blend unexplainably with freelance writing.

Judith Norris

Home States and Towns


A beautiful state with rollimg hills, summer with a ton of green grass in the summer. An equal amount of snow piles up during the l-o-n-g-e-r than ever winter. It has two seasons; winter and the Fourth of July. It seemed that way to me. That’s the reason I moved south to Virginiaafter college.

Central City

Mother bore me in the town of Windber with a hospital. My parents lived in the country outside of Central City, PA. Daddy built our small two bedroom, one bath house while I was still a toddler. Mom’s dad either gave or sold an acre of his land to us.

Dad taught Industrial Arts, shop, to boys. In the 1940’s. girls were then thought of as belonging in the kitchen. They had no need to learn how to use tools, build a structure, or repair something mechanical. Home Economics suited girls while boys learned shop. My, how things have changed.

Dad changed positions to a more suburban district in the middle of my freshman year in high school . We moved from our country home to the slightly larger town of Windber, where I was born. Daddy’s drive to work shortened to only five miles. I preferred being in a different school district than dad.

Opportunities abounded for me in a larger school; piano lessons from a more professional teacher, singing to a larger audience, closer to participating in activities, and more.

When I graduated from Windber Area High School, I sang “Let All My Life Be Music.” It turned out that way. My interests turned to writing after retirement. Now Freelance Writing rules.


Indiana, Pennsylvania instead of the state of Indiana. It claims the birthplace of actor Jimmy Stewart. It also claims a state college that originally housed a normal school to educate only nurses. When I graduated in the early 1960’s, it had become one of fourteen state universities.

Indiana University’s renown as a stellar School of Music attracted me. My uncle, dad’s older brother, chaired the Art Department. His youngest daughter and I claimed birthdays a month apart in the same year. We spent time at each other’s homes during summer vacations. Indiana held many memories for me.

B. S. in Music Education, seemed a bit unusual. I never took a science course. Yet here I had a science degree. Surely, the reason’s simple, Maybe I’ll research why. Maybe not.


Florida, the Sunshine State. Really? Have they ever been to Arizona? Arizona boasts more sunshine than I ever saw in Florida. It’s sunnier and warmer than many other states. But Sunshine State? That’s questionable. Probably Florida claimed the title before Arizona ever became a state. Arizona wins that name in spades every time!

St. Petersburg

My husband and I met and maried here while cousin Bobbi shared her home with me. People call it St. Pete. Bobbi reeled from a divorce after 25 years of marriage to a man who found someone else with money. We gave each other emotional support. My small monetary offering from Daddy helped us both.


Husband Auburn and I purchased our first home in the neighboring town of Clearwater close to where he worked. We planned to live there longer when two years later he got an opportunity to transfer to Minneapolis. A higher position meant additional income. We accepted potential cold weather for this advancement opportunity.


When we left my favorite state of Arizona, I failed to realize so many wonderful happenings would occur. My husband’s daughter lived in Tampa, twenty miles in the next town. Since we rented for a year in Apollo Beach, eventually finding a house in a bedroom community of Riverview becomes our new home.



Taught K-12 music in surrounding Prince George County.


Taught K-4 Remedial Reading.


Master of Education/Supervision


45 Post-Graduate Hours | Reading, Curriculum, Counseling.


Glendale, (North Phoenix Suburb)

Built Mountainview Music Studio from 4 – 40 students in two years.



LaRive Condominium, Mississippi River High Rise | Co-editor, Writer In-House Newsletter
Riverplace Newsletter | Missippi Marketplace |Meet Your Neighbor Interviewer/Writer

Minnesota School District #1

Taught Vocabulary Development to Hmong Immigrants.


Sydney, Australia

Advanced Music Theory. Taught Third and Fourth Formers (US Grades 9 & 10 Equivalent.) Students highly motivated for New South Wales yearly examination.

Writing and Music

Writing and music play off of each other in beautiful ways. Both are creative expressions that link to and from the heart. Music styles blend unexplainably with freelance writing.

~Judith Norris~



Two week tour.


Husband’s military yearly two week training.



Visiting favorite composer Wolfgang Mozart’s home thrilled me. Amazing photo op standing before his statue!

Bavaria Tour


Beautiful Alps | Chilly



Three days alone after hubby returned to USA. I traveled to Paris by high-speed train. Only once did I need to ask someone for directions. A lovely German woman answered in near perfect English. Naturally she spoke with a German accent. But where did I think I was?

We researched before my husband boarded his plane. I knew exactly the location of the hotel. The taxi driver dropped me off. After a good meal, I settled in for the night. Thoughts of my first night alone in Sydney, Australia filled my mind. I kind of missed my husband, but knew three short days flew by quickly.

Fortunately, at breakfast the next morning, I found sitting at the table with me a Mother and daughter speaking fluent French and English. We conversed easily. Since they knew of my limited time and language, they generously offered to show me around the city.

I gratefully accepted their gracious hospitality. We saw lovely museums, sights, and other notable Parisian delights. I wanted to see the Louvre. Closed on Tuesday the sign on the door read. Disappointment reigned supreme. I happily boarded my plane for Florida the next day.



Cruise from Miami


Cuernevaca (Two Week Spanish Immersion)

Mexico City

Puerto Penasco

Puerto Rico:

Two Week Island Tour


Runaway Bay & Island Tour


Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Chagres River

Native Village Excursion

Santa Fe


Azuera Peninsula

El Valle in August 2019

Panama Permanent Residency Status

Relocation? Maybe?



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