Kathy here,
introducing my friend, your best Freelance Writer!

Hi Potential Clients,

Being brief’s difficult for me, I do like talking.

Looking for a talented, experienced Freelance Writer? Check out my friend here at judithnorris.com.

Do you need an expert at writing about Education, Healthcare, or Ghost Writing? If so, you’ve found your writer. Yeah, I already said that. But man, she can write up a storm.

We know her as Gail, her middle name. She used Judigail on her Blog. That’s clever. And cute, too. She’s a good friend, in addition to being a talented writer and musician.

Pennsylvania, keystone state, we both claim as home. She’s from near Pittsburgh. I’m from Philly. Philadelphia, you know. We both love animals; she loves cats, dogs favor my fancy. I’m a Pet Sitter, so all animals are super to me!

Enough chatter. I’ll let her take it from here.


Kathy Osik

As Ed McMahan, Johnny Carson’s sidekick, with a lilt in his voice would say,

He-re’s Judigail…”

“Writing your message with style and creativity honors me.”

Thanks, Kathy,

Your kind words are appreciated.

I’m a seasoned writer of several genres or writing types . Diversity, creativity, and fresh ideas compel me to create new adventures, people, ideas. or thoughts.

My thirty-year-career instructing English, Reading and Music provided more opportunities than I ever imagined. A few highlights of those years instructing Kindergarten through adults follow:

Sydney, Australia:

~ welcomed me to teach advanced music theory to upper high school students.

Minneapolis, Minnesota:

~ Cambodian immigrant students improved their English Vocabulary through Reading.

Sussex County, Virginia:

~ Elementary School Integration elevated my appreciation for another race.

That’s only three highlights from thirty years. Seems inadequate.

Teaching, coaching, instructing, guiding, aiding; words that only scratch the surface of what helping students learn means. A sensitive, empathetic, creative woman, caring more than necessary, gave students my wealth of knowledge with grace and dignity.

That’s the meat and potatoes, so to speak. Freelance Writing starts my third and final career.

Freelance writing fascinates me more than any other writing method. A lifetime of writing’s brought me Freelance Writing. I’ll never let go.

How can I? Why should I?

My entire writing life’s been for such a time as this.

Mission Statement

Judith Norris, Tampa Bay Freelance Writer writes persuasive content to entice Education, Healthcare and Ghost Writing clients to hire her for writing whatever they need; job descriptions, mission statements, training, blog posts, etc.  

Fees/Timeline Negotiated.

Contract Always Necessary.

Thank you for considering me to write with expert style your company’s information, newsletter, blog, or whatever writing you need.

Want to see my writing samples? Find them in Portfolios One, Two, Three, Four, and on the Footer Carousel.


Contact me. We’ll chat about your project.





Happy to answer all questions to your satisfaction.

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