Judith Norris

Would it be possible you have too many clothes?

Have you ever seen an exploding closet?

It isn’t pretty.

Find out how one happened to this only child.

The title causes diverse reactions in people. Some sarcastically think,

“Oh sure. Poor little rich girl, got everything she ever wanted.“

How far from the truth can anyone be? My dad taught high school and moonlighted as a coach.

Money’s tightness reminds me of some teenager’s or Dolly Parton’s jeans.

Remember Dolly?

Often items I wanted weren’t ever in our monthly budget.This proved the rule rather than the exception.

Other not-too-nice comments are,

“But you got ALL your parents’ attention.”

That may be somewhat true. But Daddy worked long hours coaching and getting his master’s degree. I spent minimal time with him.“Daddy Times” were always special,

I spent a lot of time with my mother. She doted on me; her precious…

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