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Personal Development’s Many Faces and Hats Worn

My entire adult life I’ve lived with a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis. Best known as MS it often goes badly for some of those afflicted with it.

Since MS affects everyone differently, then each person who has MS has their own disease.

Most doctors say putting MS in a box would be too simple a statement. The disease holds too many mysteries, its complications and diversity are too complex.

My graduation from high school at seventeen took place two months before I heard what some would call dreadful news. It had no effect on me at the time for I felt and looked fine.

As years went by and I grew older, more lesions developed on my spine and brain. That happens within MS; lesions, demyelination, which is where disease destroys and damages nerve coatings called myelin.

Different neurologists have said that my MS is mild. A famous neuro in Minneapolis labeled it benign. The definition of benign is kind; MS treated me most unkindly at times.