Ghostwriting Has Many More Aspects Than Telling a Story. Claudia Suzanne, expert Ghostwriting teacher and writer of the only book on ghostwriting, has a seminar that listened to recently. I found it in The Freelance Writer’s Den. Carol Tice calls it a boot camp. Claudia explains everything from all the different types of ghostwriting forms; from memoir to novel, first draft to finished product, all the different publishing ways, and everything in between. The professional ghostwriter and a writer of books or freelance writer are different in many ways. Of course, similarities exist, but the differences are notable. Most notable is the fact that the writer must realize that they’re writing the author’s story and the ghostwriter isn’t the author. This is the most difficult aspect for some writers to wrap their heads around. Publishing creates a learning curve with which most bloggers and freelance writers aren’t familiar. Authors are on the other hand. They need to know all about publishing and marketing, unless they have a publicist or agent.

ghost writing

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