Judigail’s Blog Origins

Judigail’s Blog Origins

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com

Judigail’s Blog

First, how my name explained ties into Judigail’s Blog name.

Judith, that’s my first name. People usually want to call anyone named Judith, Judy. Since I prefer to be called Judith, I will accept the other if it’s spelled correctly. Like in…

Judi with an I, Not Judy with a Y. That’s the way my mother spelled it. I changed it, because my given first name Judith, which I love.

When shortened, taking off the “th,” Judith becomes Judi with an I on the end, not a Y. Mom adored Judy Garland, the beautiful and talented 1940’s singer/actress. That was why she named me Judy. So Judy I stayed.

Till I became Judi.

When I realized that Judith shortened should be Judi with an i, not Judy with a y. Removing the letters ‘th’ at the end of Judith, produced Judi, not Judy. I changed the spelling. My parents didn’t mind that I made the change. Or, at least they never said they did.

Then I married to a man whose last name began with hard G sound. At about the same time, I saw a gorgeous airline attendant they called ‘Gail.’

I thought, “Gail’s my middle name, think I’ll start using it. Not that I’ll EVER look like her, gorgeous blonde creature that she is.”

Alliterations, that is same first letters of words fascinate me. Gail Gilley, nice ring to it, I thought.

Another metamorphosis came about when my sweet North Carolinian friend called me Judigail. Now there’s an original winner!

Judigail’s Blog!

Full of loving diversity!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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