Graduate, Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging

Graduate, Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging

Jon Morrow, My Hero!

The past six months a whirlwind of writing activity swired around me. Starting with Guest Blogging in December 2018, a break from Guest Blogging to take Freelance Writing course in March 2019 kept me a busy gal. It’ll keep going for a long time! Busy is good.

Becoming a Guest Blogging Graduate filled my dreams since I started that course in December 2018. Jon presented a Black Book of Blogs during the course. I learned about Freelance Writing and Carol Tice, owner/writer of Make A Living Writing Blog.

Guest Blogging taught me many ways of writing; free writing, blogging, researching, freelancing, interviewing, just a few examples. Awesome Jon built a million dollar website in Smart Blogger. He lives in a wheelchair as a Muscular Dystrophy patient while moving only his mind and mouth.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) currently puts me into a wheelchair. However, I’m able to do many daily activities for myself. Working with a Doctor Physical Therapist MS specialist who agrees that walking unassisted again is in my near future.

Being a Freelance Writer has it all.

“That’s it for me,” I decided.

Carol Tice, owner of Make A Living Writing, presented “Get More Freelance Writing Jobs” course. That month long course in March convinced me that Freelance Writing would lead my future endeavors

Hooked on Freelance Writing

My new mantra!

An Underwood typewriter, perhaps?

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