A Place To Remember

A Place To Remember

My Summer Meadow in a Cool Woody Glen of Western Pennsylvania

My Summer Meadow

Photo by Mina-Marie Michell on Pexels.com

During the late 1940’s, Pittsburgh loomed as the “Smokey City.” Pollution, like we know it in 2021, didn’t happen then in the Appalachian Mountains of western Pennsylvania. A calm land of peaceful tranquility existed.

For an introspective ten-year-old child, no other place could compare. Not having been to many other places, I didn’t have anything with which to compare it.

I loved being here in ‘my meadow.Thinking of it that way made sense to me. No one else could see what I saw, except the cows. They weren’t talking, but seemed to enjoy it.

People often said in jest that Pennsylvania had only two seasons, winter and the Fourth of July. Long harsh snow and icy winters gave way to short three summer months. This made summer seem practically non-existent.

Recalling my childhood in those glorious summer months, my heart fills with gratitude, not frivolity. Although severe winters occurred, spring and fall seasons were more than all right.

Seasons like summer with gloriously warm lengthy evening hours. Spring held lovely promises with fragrant blossoms. Fall began cooling in the evening, but still had cozily warm afternoons. These more than made up for enduring the frigid slushy months.

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

Long warm summer days, seemed perfect for extended walks into the woods. Once there, continuing to the meadow beyond to watch the brilliant azure sky’s frothy white clouds provided alone time for reflection. I still appreciate the warmth of a summer day in July, with brilliant sun baking the land.

My cousin, our neighbor friend, and I often walked into the cool green lush forest glade. We felt instant relief from the sun’s burning heat. We leisurely sauntered into the cool woody darkness hoping the sun’s fiery incandescence would be cooled. Heat still hung on, although greenery stifled the sun. This afforded some respite.

As we strolled through the woody glade, the older two girls chattered about what game they would play, after they got cool enough. My thoughts centered on the delightful calm serenity I would experience here.

My two tomboy companions were merely incidental to me. I paid little attention as they ran off, chasing each other. I knew we would reunite eventually. My pleasure came from reaching the meadow alone.

Watching them move ever-so-slowly across the sky fascinated me. I decided to think about the variety of interesting shapes looked like.

The grass, cropped closer by distant grazing cows, held a pleasant fragrance. The cows seemed contented. Their presence added to the blissful tranquility of that bucolic July afternoon.

The slight breeze blowing over me made lying in the roasting sun bearable. My pleasantly tolerable surroundings kept me from thinking of my two cacophonous noisy companions, nor of going anywhere else.

I vaguely heard them crashing and chasing around through the woods. That I was here, and not with them, made me doubly happy being in ‘my meadow.’

I laid in the tall grass watching the azure sky with billowy clouds that looked like white cotton candy. Their frothy whiteness made the blue sky more serenely vast.

Clouds shaped like;

  • Animals
  • People
  • Clowns
  • Waterfalls
  • Cotton candy

My thoughts, feelings, and emotions attended to cerulean blueness with fleecy-white clouds revealing various shapes.

As each one rolled by, with its own characteristic form. They reminded me of something familiar. Could it be we read, saw, or learned about in school?

As I laughed, tears of emotion escaped my eyes and rolled down rosy cheeks. I thought,

“Oh, is anything more beautiful?

A summer afternoon in ‘my meadow’ has glowing thoughts that always remain in my memory.

Judith Norris, Florida Freelance Writer, writes eclectic pieces Self-Improvement, Education, and Health, on her website https://www.judithnorris.com. Subscribe for a FREE thirty minutes writing consultation. Judith, her husband, and two furry felines live in Florida.

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