Growing Pains

Growing Pains

My new tap shoes!

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That mean Miss Smith never picks my row to go first.

I wonder why?

It couldn’t be because I punched Jimmy in the side. I punched him for a good reason. He pulled my hair and told me I’m ugly. He deserved more than a punch!

I’m the prettiest girl in the kindergarten class. I know it’s true. My aunt told me that only two days ago.

Tell you the truth, she didn’t tell me. She told my mother. They didn’t know I was listening. I wasn’t really listening. I walked into the living room. They talked in the kitchen. I overheard the entire thing.

They thought I played at my friend’s house. I had been there. We played all morning. She wanted to play Miss America and she would win.

Ha! Her be the beauty queen, when I’m the one with long blonde hair and blue eyes? Never going to happen!

I’m the smartest too! I’d never pull a dumb trick like she did last week. She stuffed her brother’s pet frog down the garbage disposal. The drain got clogged. She got in a lot of trouble! Yuck! What a mess!

I NEVER would do a thing like that to a poor innocent little frog. I love frogs and tadpoles and cats and dogs. I love all of God’s creatures. Mom says I’ll probably grow up to become a veterinarian. She said that’s a doctor for animals, like our Dr. Morgan’s a people doctor.

We took our cat, Buffy, to a veterinarian once. She had four litters of kittens in one year. Mom said,

“That’s enough!”

Mom says she won’t have any more kittens. That doctor’s smart and knows a lot about animals. He’s gentle too. I could tell by the say he picked Buffy up to place her in the cat carrier.

Mother said Buffy had an operation and taught me how to take good care of her. I did just the way she taught me. I was very careful and gentle. Then she told me I’d probably grow up to be a veterinarian.

Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. I like doing many things.

I dance, you know. Ballet and tap lessons are my favorite. I do dance steps for my class. Next month my dance recital will be happening. Am I ever excited!

I’m going to be a chorus girl. I have sequins on my dress. It’s pink. I love pink! I’s my favorite color!

I sing too, even if I’m not asked My sister wants to be a rock singer. I like other kinds of music. I like Sesame Street and Electric Company music. The songs we sing in school are fun, too. At home I sing them for my mother, dad and sister. My sister tells me to sing somewhere else.

Shes a teenager.

So I do. If Mother’s busy, I go outside and sing to the birds. They sing back to me, too. Or, I go next door and sing to my friend. That is, if she doesn’t want to play beauty queen and her be the queen.

Honestly, some people are so pigheaded!

by JGKipp

Pen Name of Judith Norris

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