Hopper-Grass In A Jar

Hopper-Grass In A Jar

Use your imagination!

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Knowing that I abhor and am terrified of yucky crawling critters (bugs for short,) my sweetheart husband agreed to help me by collecting one. He teased me that it would be a palmetto bug or a roach. I prepared myself for the unpleasant task.

Happily, he has an aversion to smelling Raid. He knows I spray it liberally when I see a roach. Fortunately, I didn’t communicate my thoughts to study a roach in a jar. I shiver at the thought.

So, I ended up watching an energetic baby grasshopper and an old, tired cricket. A cricket with one crooked antennae. That one straightened out and the other became crooked.

He held something in his mouth by using his antennae. He gobbled merrily away at something too small for me to tell what it was or had been.

My attention turned to the hopper-grass, a name used by students in Virginia. He attempted crawling up the side of the jar. Too steep and slippery, he walked around the edge as though trying to find a way out.


By creeping, going at it slowly, he managed to get up half an inch. But , he fell back down.

Meanwhile, his buddy decided to take a cricket nap on a twig. Sweet dreams, cricket buddy. You two have provided me an interesting fifteen minutes.

I’m happy my kind husband found both of you instead of roach or palmetto bug!

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