A Childless Woman With Questionnaire for Other Childless Women

A Childless Woman With Questionnaire for Other Childless Women

Childless woman contemplates a leaf.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

This woman who had no children is an only child as well. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to think that it might’ve been a lonely life.


Be assured! That isn’t the case for this only child living without children of her own!

School equaled my social life. Being at school happened to be better than comic books or drawing clothes for my paper doll cut-outs. These two pass times took up most of my waking hours outside of school as my other means of escape.

I loved school so much. My friends I saw there.That’s the reason I became a teacher. School meant more to me for it meant my social life.

Moving on to books, I discovered even more friends. Lots of different people and places excited my imagination through books!

Living without children can be good. Besides, lots of children came and went through my life. As a teacher, I met and interacted with children every day.

Best of all possible worlds, they left me at the end of the day. They went to their own homes. I got to go home to mine.


Childless women are often viewed by others as something odd or different.  We are different, to be sure.  Leave the odd part somewhere else. Women without children have time and opportunity to develop their own interests

Mine was music.  Playing the piano and singing a beautiful song with a lilting melody brought me unimaginable pleasure! My voice less nice than years ago. But playing or listening to music still provides pleasure and helps my healing process

Time, another commodity that belonged to just me. Some might think that selfish, but I used it wisely. Teaching, learning, helping, guiding; I relished every moment of my wonderful life.

I developed a questionnaire about childless women, asked how they felt, and how they coped as childless women. I hoped to get enough responses to write a long article or book on the subject of being a childless woman. Research will be necessary also.

If you are a childless woman or know someone who is, please add your thoughts below:

Please answer the questions honestly. Names will never be revealed.

  1. Are you a childless woman? Yes   No  (circle one)
  2. What is your age? ________
  3. Are you married, single or other? (circle one)
  4. Have you ever been pregnant?  Yes  No  (circle one)
  5. How many times? _________
  6. Have you ever given birth to a child? Yes   No  (circle one)
  7. How many times? If none, write 0  ___________.
  8. Do you wish you had a child?  Yes  No  (circle one)
  9. Why or why not? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. Are you satisfied with your childless life?   Yes   No  (circle one)
  11. What makes you feel that way you answered question #10?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12.    How does it make you feel when you see other women with their children? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

13. Please write your own story about being childless, if you prefer.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________14. Again, please write all you want.

Yes, I wrote the quiz in Microsoft Word. In order to answer it in Word, it’ll be necessary for you copy and paste it into a Word, then follow the directions in the next paragraph.

I apologize. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When you receive it, just enable editing, write your responses in a different or larger font, and choose a color.

Send your answers to judithnorriswrites@gmail.com.

Thank you for your response!  You’ll be hearing from me soon regarding this project.

Best Regards,

Judith Norris

Tampa Freelance Writer


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