My Legacy

My Legacy

Children, did I teach you?

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Since there are no children of my own, this seems a purely hypothetical assignment. Many children have come and gone thorough my life. Various ways I want them to remember me. I’m fond of them all. I hope they’ll think of me in a kind and gentle way.

I want to publish a writing to give something of myself to more people that way. A writer possesses a special ability to express feelings to an audience. My audience is children, ages 8 – 10. I want to be remembered as an author of children’s stories.

I want to be remembered as a good teacher. Since many schools in Australia, Florida, Minnesota, and Virginia have been part of my teaching experience, I’ve influenced lives in various places. I hope they think knowing me has been positive to their lives.

My step-daughter has admirable qualities. I hope she’ll remember me as a giving person who cared for her and her father very much. She’s emerged a resilient woman, after going through deep tragedies.

As an open, gregarious person who genuinely loves people, I count many women as friends. I want them to remember as a true friend who gave them more than I ever took from them. Friendship is a two-way street. I’ll remember them the same way. They’re precious to me.

Please remember me as a pleasant and positive individual who continuously tried to improve herself and never stopped growing.

First Career: Music, then Reading Teacher

Second Career: Private Piano Coach

Third Career: Freelance Writer

I hope others followed my example. That’s the best legacy I could hope to leave to future generations.

by JGKipp

Pen Name of Judith Norris

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