Fathomless. Azure. Brilliant Blue..
Colorado Mountains and Sky.

Photo by Pixabay on


Quivering against a brilliant azure Colorado sky.

Doss this same sky soar over Virginia?

Only in spring and fall there have I seen

Matchless, deep, clear brilliant blue

That seems to go on forever.

I can reach up and touch it,

Melt right into it.

Become a part of it.

I stand on this mountainside

Beneath ever constant blueness

Of that infinite sky and

Know, know, know —

What can I know?

That I’m real.

That time in this place stands still.

That the pines are tall

Towering, not quite, to infinity.

That I’m alone in the midst of God’s splendor!

Know that t he top of the highest peak

I might find who I am.

But who I am is here ~

Here, where I touch grass and earth.

Here, I experience joy when touching

Both earth and sky simultaneously.

Here; where sunshine and shadow mingle and become one.

That cluster of blue wildflowers.

Are they a reflection of the sky?

by JGKipp

Pen name of Judith Norris

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