On Being A Teacher

On Being A Teacher

X sounds like cks ending.

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Children LOVE books!

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On Being a Teacher

…why teaching is my calling.

If not for a deep love of children

Wanting for all of them a better world

A better attitude with which to embrace the world they have,

A more confident outlook that it will someday be more acceptable…

Teaching them every day would be a drudged chore.


Loving them

Caring that they have and are

All these things

Brings me to them.

The sadness of it is…

They don’t even realize.

Boy learning?

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by JGKipp

Pen name of Judith Norris

I wrote the stories in THE CHILDREN’S STORYBOOK for children 8 – 10 years old. A course from The Institute of Children’s Literature in Redding Ridge, Connecticut led me to write them. The first publication of them is here.

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