Scrabble; Is This the Only Game in Town?

Scrabble; Is This the Only Game in Town?


Scrabble boards
All types and sizes
Some have raised sides.
Play on uneven surfaces.

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It IS Our ONLY Game!



SCRABBLE, Diversity and Challenge!

For us, it is the only game in town, or anywhere else for that matter. Saturday afternoon finds us and the Scrabble board trying to win!

Scrabble’s diversity, that’s the fascination of the game for me. It’s always different. Oh, sure, there are many similarities There always the same number of letters, take turns playing, make up your own rules, etc.

But, Scrabble’s the only game we play. What about sex? To us, sex is NO game! It’s part of our healthy relationship,

The game always varies. Some words are the same it’s true. There’s so much variety though. Amazing that 26 letters cause so much variation.

Scrabble’s complex. Nuances or fine points give a complex game additional challenges.


Set up the Scrabble board. Get out the tile bag and red plastic tile holders

Each player takes a tile to determine the first player. Players decide the number of tiles for each board.

Each player chooses seven to nine tiles out of the bag.

Scrabble dictionary MUST be followed. If the word played isn’t in there, player loses a turn.

Game Begins

Each tile has a small number on it. After a word’s played, these numbers are added to determine the score.

When a player a word seems wrong or unorthodox, another player can challenge or dispute the word played.

The Scrabble dictionary’s consulted for proof. Word not found in dictionary, wrong word player loses the turn. If the word IS there, turn’s lost by challenger.

Game Continues, Sometimes for Hours

A Phoenix friend introduced us to the game. Janice Miller played extremely well. She and a group of friends gathered for a pot-luck meal. After we ate, Scrabble went on for hours!

The evening rocked!

Janice and I attended several Nikken events in Orlando a few years ago. She’s a Nikken consultant, Montessori substitute teacher, and my former piano student of mine. She wanted to learn the organ someone gave her. First, she needed to learn the keyboard.

We enjoy chatting about education, Gals Prepared To Succeed (GPS) Marketing Group, and music. Janice’s home state of Montana I’ve never been to. I hear it’s beautiful! Would love seeing it!

Scrabble in Montana? Janice and her family of five played often. Could that be the reason she’s so good at it?

Montana, Wild and Wonderful!

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Scrabble started the friendship between Janice Miller and me. My dear husband took over. Hard to tell if and when I’ll find another. But then, stop looking, they’ll be found.

Scrabble Online. H-m-m-m-m!?

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