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Living in Arizona remains the most favorite place of my past. However, I feel fortunate to have been born, grown up, and received my stellar education in Pennsylvania.

My husband’s work moved us away from Florida to Minneapolis just two years after our marriage. That turned out being an exhilarating experience for several reasons. The most chilling for us, temperature. It’s c-c-c-c-o-o-o-l-d there! The culture made up for it in spades!

  1. We lived in La Rive, a 30 story high-rise up-class condominium on the Mississippi River.
  2. Cambodian refugees (Hmong) improving their English reading skills ranks as one of my favorite teaching positions.
  3. Cultural life in downtown Minneapolis compares to New York City!
  4. Improved my writing skills with both in-house and Riverplace Newsletters. Riverplace shopping complex adjacent to La Rive.
  5. We met and became friends with wonderful people!

After six years of Minneapolis’ culture, we moved to Glendale, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.


Not too much though, we had become used to different places to live. My husband lived in Germany during his Army career. I assumed a teaching position in Sydney, Australia for two years. We each were born and spent some years in northeastern states.

The grandeur of Minneapolis changed to a more sedate lifestyle of suburban Phoenix. Winter weather I loved, chilly but no ice or snow! Summer weather, always brutally hot, tolerated by air conditioning.

Weather’s always a factor anywhere. Heat’s much better to me than cold, ice, and snow. B–r-r-r-r-r!

In just two years, I built a private piano studio from 4 to 40 students, took an active part in AMTA (Arizona Music Teachers Association,) We joined a growing church that grew from 200 to over five thousand in the nineteen years we stayed in Arizona.

Nineteen years later, my husband announced that he wanted to move back to Florida. where we began. This didn’t please me very much. That’s for another post. This one’s about Arizona.

We both enjoyed being in the prime of our lives. He worked at a location a short distance from our house, so short that he frequently came home for lunch. He enjoyed tooling around on the motor scooter he bought. Fortunately, the motor-scooter had a short life. He gave it away to his collegiate daughter.

Although Arizona’s climate suited me right down to the ground. My sweet husband thought the winter much too chilly. While I love having a chill in the air and wearing sweaters, he prefers walking around the house naked!

To each his own, I always say!

I’d return there in a heartbeat. That’ll never happen. I AM glad we returned to Florida. I’ve renewed my friendship with the cousin I grew up with. We’ve both bee able to reconnect with his only child. She’s now in her late forties. Time marches on.

We were here when she lost her only son to suicide. That was truly the best thing about being back in Florida. She then had to contend with divorce. Other circumstances led to that.

We got to take her with us to Panama this year. Her hoped for job came through in Ormond Beach. She’s back in her chosen Children’s Librarian position, getting paid more, loving life at a beach town, and she’s away from the town of tragedy. It’s good for her now after some bad years.

Another good to be back in Florida. We semi-adopted two Venezuelan-American girls in Arizona. They moved to Florida a few years ago. We went to the oldest girl’s graduation in May. Te entire weekend went by too fast. Now she’s in college at University of Central Florida, not too far from us. It’s all good!

We found a fabulous church home, close to where we live. There’re great people there. I’ve made some wonderful helpful friends.


Turned out this post is about Florida as much as Arizona. So I added another image.

Arizona or Florida? It's all good!
Tampa Bay Beach

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