Ghost Writing | Niche Three

Ghost Writing | Niche Three

Everyone has a story. They sometimes are unable to tell it. A good ghost writer can tell their story for them.

Let me tell your story for you. I’ll be your ghost!

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Everyone Has A Story

What’s yours?

Need someone to help you tell it?

Or write it for you?

Choose me to be that someone.

  • English is my first language.
  • Born in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • English minor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • Adjunct English professor.
  • Not perfect, but that’s what editors do!
  • Excellent Writer.
  • Terrific story teller.

Ghost Writing

Helping someone else tell their story and writing it for them honors the tradition of storytelling. I love telling stories.

True Stories.

Make-Believe Stories.

Proving A Point Stories. 

I’m privileged when another person chooses me to tell their life story to a waiting world.

Storytelling comes naturally to me from my Irish heritage. Pap Kearney (rhymes with Carney) came with his family from County Cork, Ireland. My dad, of German descent, told many, mostly funny stories. People of all nationalities like telling stories.

Every family has many stories; from how parents and grandparents met, fell in love, and married. Then children came along, and added more stories to the wonderful family mixture of stories.

Stories provide substance. Points are illustrated by stories. Story components offer insight into the development of character. Life details interest readers during a well-told story.

Entertainment provided by stories in books, television, or a movie captures our imaginations, keeps us in suspense, or lulls us to sleep. That’s not from boredom.When time for sleep arrives, yet doesn’t happen, reading a story helps relaxation.

Stories captivate, resonate, enervate. We believe stories even if we know they’re only fairy tales. Maybe everyone doesn’t. Enough do so a well-told story sells many copies.

Helping someone tell their story would be a privilege for me. Teaching made me aware that there exists some who may need help telling their story by writing it down.

My English skills make me a perfect candidate to help tell your story to the world. All that’s necessary for you to do is to reach out, contact me. We’ll talk about your story.

When comfortable with each other’s style, you’ll show me photos, momentos, or other paraphernalia to include. Then, I’ll write an outline, and begin writing your story. You’ll always be kept informed.

Together, we’ll decide how often to share what I’ve written; each chapter, several chapters, we decide on the milestones. Your story, your decision, but the writer needs a voice.

Ghostwriters need to be creative while
telling someone else’s story.

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Ghostwriting Has Many More Aspects Than Telling a Story.

Claudia Suzanne, expert Ghostwriting teacher and writer of the only book on ghostwriting, has a seminar that I listened to recently in The Freelance Writer’s Den. Carol Tice calls it a bootcamp.

Claudia explains everything from all the different types of ghostwriting forms; from memoir to novel, first draft to finished product, all the different publishing ways, and everything in between. The professional ghostwriter and a writer of books or freelance writer are different in many ways. Of course, there are only similarities, but the differences are notable.

Most notable is the fact that the writer must realize that they’re writing the author’s story, and that the ghostwriter is NOT the author. This is the most difficult aspect for some writers to wrap their heads around.

~ To Be Continued

Publishing creates a learning curve with which most bloggers and freelance writers aren’t bothered or familiar. Authors, on the other hand, are. They need to know all about publishing and marketing, unless they have a publicist or agent.

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