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Education | Niche One

Being An Educator

Teaching, a right and a privilege. Fun too!

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Everyone in America has a right and privilege to be educated. But not all people think they want or need to have an education.

Streetwise boys and girls think education’s for wimps. And they’re better than that. They’ll get rich the old fashioned way…steal it. This eventually, if not before, gives them a forced vacation in the Big House or prison.

There are exceptions to every rule, as we know. Famous college drop-outs, like Bill Gates, make a huge fortune using only their intellect.

Becoming an educator seemed right for me, though it wasn’t what I really wanted then. Now it’s a different story. I’m very happy to be a teacher. Helping people learn makes me a better person.

My choice of profession would’ve been anything else. Alas, in my generation, college educated women became a nurse or a teacher. Blood made me squirm, so teaching became my only alternative.

My teaching experiences varied in student age, subject, and locale. Some locations happened by choice. Others, following my husband’s job transfers, gave me opportunities that would never be found otherwise.

Both sides of my family have education as their profession. Dad’s family had many educators. A few cousins on Mom’s family teach or are employed in education. It’s a family tradition.

Education’s Thrill

Many Faces of Helping Someone Learn

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Helping Others Learn

That’s the thrill of education. Education, teaching, and helping fit hand-in-hand. Knowing how to help others discover what I know excites me. I love teaching others to learn a subject that fascinates me.

Education’s appeal goes way beyond me loving to help or teach something to someone. It transcends space, time, and logic.

Education facilitates learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research.Wikipedia

Education is an important part of our beings. It helps us live with happiness and prosperity by empowering our minds to discover excellent ideas and thoughts. The personal, social, and economic development of our nation depends on educating young people.

Teachers of our young are underpaid. As former President of a local Education Association, I became painfully aware of how political that process is. Not only political, but seemingly impossible. Perhaps it’s improved in recent years. Hope reigns supreme!

There’ll always be the element of society that chooses to exploit givers. Educators are givers. They give themselves, their resources, sometimes it seems their very souls to help the children entrusted to their care.

Teaching, a noble calling, as old as time itself. Some people always want to help others learn. Teachers’ unions helped bridge the monetary gap. That’s a good thing.

Teaching’s a wonderful profession. It’s highly regarded by many. Though the money game has improved, teacher’s remain underpaid. Their worth to society, difficult to measure accurately, improves as teaching’s structure becomes more like a business.

Money drives most everything. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that a commodity that’s valuable as education should be given the amount of dollars it deserves.

Education; a right and a privilege.
Free for all in America!

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