Bobbi on left, me on right, during a rare rest.

My first cousin, we grew up side by side on a rural road in western Pennsylvania.

In the roaring 1940’s and ’50’s, things seemed simpler, the air cleaner, life slower. Surely slower comparing those days to today in 2019.

Childhood friend,
Next door neighbor living with our Grandparents.
We called them Pap and Mam Kearney.

Romping in the woods across “our” road,
a paved country road from Central City, Pennsylvania to Reels Corner.
Route 60 led to US Route 30, known as the Lincoln Highway.
Your geography lesson’s over, back to Bobbi.

We played:
Cut-out and Real Dolls,
Pretend Tea Parties,
Coloring Books,
Explored Attic “Treasures,”
Tramped in Pebley’s woods across our road.

Pebley owned the farm across our road, so we just thought the woods were his, too.
Built some fabulous snowmen! Pennsylvania winters always have TONS of snow!

We grew up with our imaginations, inventing our fun before TV and the internet.

FUN to us meant:
Attic Treasures.
Talking on the Rotary Phone.
Visiting our Cousin Neighbors.

Magnificent Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, July Fourth picnic including the entire family; 5 sisters, 1 brother, spouses, children, about twenty-five of us. When we kids went to play after the meal, Bobbi usually took the lead. We were at her house. She was the oldest.

Bobbi loved to;

She ran everywhere. She rarely quieted herself.
Play Tag. “You’re it,” she’d say. Then run away like a rabbit. I never could catch her.
Tease me.
Tag me.
Torment me

Once I came home crying. Mother asked what was wrong.
I cried, “Bobbi hit me.”
She said, “Then hit her back.”
I replied, “But she’s too tall. I can’t reach her back.

I must have loved all that for I loved her, my cousin/sister.

I loved her then and always will.

She gave me:

Emotional Support.

Holy Spirit Understanding.
Martinsville, Virginia Home.
St. Petersburg, Florida Home.

Together we found our Christian husbands. Bobbi found Bill when she wrote to him and he responded. Her friend invited me to Suncoast Cathedral Divorce Recovery. Auburn and I discovered each other.
I could go on and on about the terrific times we had together, but someone else needs to share their special memories.

Love you, Bobbi.
See you when we all get to Heaven!

Author Bio:
Judith Gail Kipp Norris lives in Riverview, Florida with her husband and two furry felines. They both hated being inactive when they retired. She writes plus teaches piano students. He does foreign exchange trading. They travel to Panama, Central America for vacation. Moving there? Maybe?

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