History of the World From the Prospective of Water

History of the World From the Prospective of Water

Water, Life Giving Force!

I am water.

Rain, sleet, or snow falls from the sky called precipitation. Those are my forms giving life to the planet.

I am collected, used, evaporated or condensed, then returned to the sky.

I was on this planet before anyone or anything.

God designed it that way.

Genesis 1:2 “And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

And so it was.

God put me here for many reasons:
To give life.
To provide a home for sea creatures.
To quench thirst.

To help plants thrive.
To provide beauty.

To make a living for some.
To have a place to~


All these ways show why God placed me here on planet Earth.

I am important for life on this planet.

I am water.

Without me, no one or nothing can survive.

People and animals can survive for weeks without food. But, without me, their survival is a much shorter time.

Throughout history, civilizations made homes, businesses, lives, near bodies of water.

Their instincts told them to make their livelihood near me.

I provided what they needed to survive.

I am water.

Wars have been fought for and over me. Many know how important I am to their lives.

I give life.

I maintain life.

I am water.

Without me, there is no life, conditional fun, transportation hindered, no seafood, limited beauty.

A water view is almost priceless, often expensive in today’s real estate market.


Drank me.
Washed their clothes with me.
Cleaned their bodies with me.
Helped prepare their food with me.
Swam in me.
Played games in me.
Fished for seafood in me.

Traveled to distant lands in ships on me.

Everyone and everything revolves on and around me.


A Sea Full of Water!

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