The first thought that comes to mind is this:
“To have a good friend, be a good friend.”
But that isn’t what the headline says. Is it?
Instead it says,
Five Ways to BE a Good Friend
Some ideas are:

1) Be Thoughtful of Your Friend

One friend helping another learn to write.

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Always think of your friend before thinking of yourself. This can be tough for a young person who is most likely to think of their own selfish needs first.

“Cow 1 is not Cow 2” is a certain fact.

Besides meaning you are not cows.

That and Young Person 1 is not Young Person 2. You are all different, and yet the same human beings.

You are people, young people. And you know as much or more than I do about friendship.

You might think:

“What does she know? She is older than us. She can’t know how we are. Can she?

You are correct. I am no longer a teenager. But, I do know a few things about people. They are the same in many ways;


Yesterday, and

Youngsters and pre-teens may dress, talk, and do things in a different way than me at that age.


That means that we may need to dialogue more or talk it out.

Think first:

“What can I
do for my friend?”
“What does my friend need?

Ask yourself, “Are all my thoughts selfish?”
If your answer is yes, you may need to think again.

Think deeper, more than skin deep. Think, “Do I think only of myself?” Or, “Do I think of my friend’s wants and needs more?”

When you can honestly say,

“My friend’s needs and wants are more important than my own needs and wants.” Then, you are on the right track.
And that isn’t the kind of track where trains run or that is around the football field where athletes warmup before starting practice.

2) Be Kind to Your Friend

2. Be Kind To Your Friend

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Always be thoughtful.
Think only good things about your friend and to your friend. A good friend is a true friend.

If you hear yourself think or say, “I’m tired of that friend today. They won’t do as I want.”

If you don’t call that a selfish unkind way to think, perhaps you need to rethink your priorities.

Remain true to your friend. Otherwise, they won’t be your friend for long.

3) Be a True Friend.

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Always give the benefit of the doubt to your friend. Never believe a rumor without checking the source first.
Someone may be jealous of your friendship and spreading falsehoods about them.

If you think it might possibly be more than a simple rumor, think about asking your friend directly if what you heard is true.

Give them the courtesy of believing their story over something you may have heard.

4) Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

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To Be Continued…..

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