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Kathy here,
introducing my friend, your best Freelance Writer!

Check out my friend here at judithnorris.com.

You’ve found an expert writer on Education,

Healthcare, or

Ghost Writing.

Difficult for a talker like me to be brief, but I’ll try.

Judigail on her Blog’s a clever combo of her first and middle names. Cute, too. Fabulous writer, musician and good friend.

Enough chatter. I’ll let her take it now.


Kathy Osik

As Ed McMahan, Johnny Carson’s sidekick, with a lilt in his voice said,

He-re’s Judigail…”

Thanks Kathy,

Your kind words are appreciated. Nice intro. It’s good you like talking.

Thanks for stopping by if you’re searching for a freelance writer.

Third Career

Freelance Writing 2018 – Present

~ Writing freelance about


Healthcare, and

Ghostwriting excites, fascinates, and invigorates me more than anything I ever wrote previously.

A lifetime of writing’s brought me to freelance writing. I’ll never let it go.

How can I?

Why should I?

My entire writing life’s been for such a time as this.


Writing samples on Healthcare, Education, and Ghostwriting in Portfolios One, Two, Three, Four, and Projects. Other Clips on Testimonials Page.

It’s my pleasure to write for anyone in the world, although physically located in Riverview, Florida five miles south of Tampa. Isn’t the internet something else, right?


Posts: 300 – 500 Words, $400.00

Job Description: 200 0r 300 Words, $250.00

Mission Statement: 300 – 500 Words. $400.00

Ghost Writing: $750.00 – $1,500.00 Project Dependant

Contact Me

Let’s Chat About Your Project

Phone: (623) 217-3773

Email: judithnorriswrites@gmail.com

Happy to answer your questions.

Further Information Below Line


Second Career 1995 – 2014

Coached Private Piano Lessons

Within two years, I grew Mountainview Music Studio from four to forty all-aged students.

First Career 1962 – 1994

Taught Kindergarten through Grade Twelve Music and Reading.

Highlights of Those Years Include:

St. Petersburg Junior College, Florida

~ Adjunct Professor taught English, Speech, and Reading to Junior College Freshmen.

Sydney, Australia

~ Taught Upper Level Classes Advanced Music Theory, also General Music and Chorus

Minneapolis, Minnesota:

~ Improved adult Cambodian immigrants English vocabulary development through a Reading Course.

Sussex County, Virginia:

~ Elevated my racial appreciation through integrating a rural elementary school as a third grade teacher.

Four instances seems inadequate.

Each child or adult showed uniqueness, as every year held special promises.

Racial diversity prevalent.

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