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WELCOME TO judithnorris.com

Hey Friends,

Thank you for choosing to view my author website. I’m glad you’re here.

You’re welcome to view my writing samples on Portfolios One, Two, Three, and Four. You’ll see how I write, discover the way my mind works. Then you’ll Know what you can expect by hiring me to write your content. This will help you make an informed decision with confidence.

Contact Methods Located Conveniently Below as well as on the Contact Page.

You’ve given me a perfect opportunity to captivate your attention by reading my website. Although relatively new to freelance writing, I’m more than a novice to the art of writing. My freelance writing enhances your powerful message convincing clients to purchase your product.

Hire Me,

I’ll write your company’s message, information, and blog posts with stylish elegance using my many years of varied writing experience.

Welcoming to judithnorris.com. Offering to write their information so they hire me,

A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet!”

I definitely believe the caption under my photo beside this pargraph. Many people I’ve met are my friends or are at least friendly. We probably won’t be bosom buddies. An amiable affiliation’s always best for both parties involved. The truth to this statement’s in the action taken.

“A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet.”

Friendly relationships are essential for the client/writer association to function well together. We acheive our best rapport with this brand of trust, willingness to share, and transparency.

The blue logo above tells my freelance writing niches:

Healthcare | Education | Ghost Writing

These three niches are where I have the most experience. They provide you with a knowledgeable writer whose familiarity with any subject is only improved through personal research. I’ve done exhaustive studies on subjects tasked to me. Further copy on each niche.

This information is located on Judigail’s BlogPosts as the featured post. Healthcare, Education, and Ghost Writing are each explained in greater detail as why I’ve chosen these three to target with my writing. You’ll have additional details to know you’re hiring the correct writer for your project.

Contact Me Methods

Contact Form


Thank you for contacting me via this form. Forms are directed to my email. I’ll respond to you as soon as possible. Email is monitored each morning.




Skype: judithnorris2019

More Writing Samples:

Want to see additional writing samples?

Check Out Portfolio Pages

Here’s a snippet on each one.

Portfolio One:

My Favorite Dentist

Dentist of the Decade awarded by me to Dr. Tristan Hensley, DMD. His gentle personality, caring nature, and regard for his patients rivals no other.

Portfolio Two:

Ultimate Hairstylist, Stephen Anderson

Stephen masterfully cuts, expertly styles, and beautifully colors hair to his clients’ satisfaction. His bubbly personality rivals competence with his ingenious art.

Portfolio Three:

History of the World Through the Perspective of Water

Written in the first person voice of water, telling about how “I am” is the life producing element. All the wonderful ways water saves the world. Without water, there is no life.

Portfolio Four:

Twenty Thoughts To Remember If You Love Someone With Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

A life with MS, its helps and hindrances, and everything in between all wrapped in those twenty ideas that someone with MS needs from a loved one. There are many others.

About Me Page:

About Me Page tells why Freelance Writing fascinates me. Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger introduced me to the world of freelance writing during his course Guest Blogging. Since then, no other type of writing satisfies me.

Graduate! Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging Course, July 2, 2019. I look forward to writing blog posts with amazing headlines that draw the reader in to read the entire post.

Carol Tice of Make A Living Writing Blog has wonderful examples of writing in her prolific posts. As a member of The Freelance Writer’s Den, I’m gratefully provided with writing help whenever needed.

Writing different genres through the years combine to make freelance writing my paramount interest today. Bringing this diverse writing experience to your project creates outstanding writing for you.

Testimonials Page:

Fan Letters from others who liked my writing. Each willingly wrote what you see on the Testimonials Page. These testimonials were unsolicited.

My projects are few. This page needs additional services. I only became aware of freelance writing in December 2018. Jon Morrow introduced me to Freelance Writing during his Guest Blogging Course.

Graduate of Guest Blogging April 2, 2019. I took a course from Carol Tice on Getting More Freelance Writing Clients. With continued reading, I’ll gain more knowledge researching your project.

I’m capable of expertly writing each client’s amazing message. Mentors Jon Morrow and Carol Tice taught me thoroughly. The Freelance Writers Den provides guidance. Your business prospers with me writing copy fo you.

Now the ball is in your court. You’ve read how I can help you.

Contact Form | Email | Phone

Hire Me to use all my varied writing experience to write your amazing information with stylish elegance.

Thank you.

Judith Norris
Tampa Bay Freelance Writer
(623) 217-3773

Hi I'm Judith Norris, Freelance Writer
Hire Me to expertly write your company’s information with stylish elegance.


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