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Not only am I good at writing by February, but I’ll also become a Certified Content Marketer by Smart Blogger. Their CEO Jon Morrow has certified me in Guest Blogging.

Paid to Write Facebook course started my writing on My autobiography-testimonial book and children’s book will be self-published by early next year.

My writing takes several paths, as evidenced on Judigail’s Blog on this website. However, my target niches are;

  • Self-Development
  • Education
  • Health

My personal life and work experiences all revolve around these three niches. They’re featured in Portfolios One, Two, Three, and Four on this website.


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Teaching prepared me

To be a Freelance Writer and

an Author.

  • Entered the fantasy the world of children’s imaginations as they wrote stories that touched my heart.
  • Experienced a unique education through interactive sharing with adults and children.
  • .
  • Taught English, Reading, and Speech at Petersburg College/ Clearwater campus.
  • Improved reading levels of Cambodian Hmong adult immigrants through vocabulary development. Refugees prepared to become American Citizens through Naturalization testing.
  • Integrated a black elementary school; learned to appreciate and love people of a different race.
  • Taught reading through writing to Kindergarten through fourth grade children.
  • Traveled to Sydney, Australia; taught secondary advanced music theory, experienced another culture’s education system and life style.

Looking for a writer? I'm the best.
Education, Health, Personal Development
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